Throughout the year, Baldwinsville Rod and Gun Club continually participate in events and perform club upgrades. Below you will find a list of our most significant accomplishments each year. Any upcoming projects and events can be found on the Club Calendar.


  • Rebuilt the 15 yard pistol berm during the workday.
  • Built a level shooting platform at the archery range. Special thanks to Dave Urban who did most of the work himself.
  • Repaired the electrical grounds on the clubhouse and trap field light posts. Also repaired the lights on the trap field light post.
  • Bob Burt painted the kitchen cabinets and counter shelves.
  • Purchased a Kubota Garden Tractor with mower and snowblower attachments.
  • Replaced the skeet high house roof.
  • Purchased a new video surveillance system.
  • Purchased a towable york rake to assist in clay target cleanup.
  • At our October meeting, we were visited by Onondaga County Court Judge candidate Melinda McGunnigle. She is now the first female Onondaga County Court judge.


  • Lifted COVID restrictions by June.
  • Installed yellow guide posts at the driveway entrance.
  • Moved the water pump switch from the basement to the top of the stairs.
  • Installed two freeze-proof outdoor water faucets by the clubhouse.
  • Purchased a tooth bar, wood chipper, and ballast box for the Kubota tractor.
  • Paid off the Kubota tractor.
  • Purchased a new remote for Sporting Clay and 5-Stand for easier use and added functionality.
  • Fence by entrance gate was damaged by crashed vehicles but repaired by Arrow Fence.
  • Hosted bachelor shoot and gender reveal parties.
  • Brush hogged the 100-200 yard range, cleaned up the Sporting Clays field, and removed trees along the power lines.
  • Installed an electronic deadbolt on the clubhouse.
  • Randy Shute rebuilt the 50 yard berm.
  • Repaired squirrel and bird damage on the Sporting Clays barn.
  • Thanks to the continued support of John Vivenzio, we were able to complete many improvements this year.


  • Painted trim and kitchen ceiling inside the clubhouse.
  • Even though most events and meetings were canceled in March due to Covid, we were able to resume Meetings and shotgun shooting sports in Mid June based on our reopening plan.
  • Hired Midstate Contracting to level the concrete pad on the Trap field.
  • Hired Big C Landscaping Services to do more clean up of the Sporting Clays area.
  • Road millings were spread and rolled to resurface the parking lot
  • A shotgun patterning board was installed.
  • The Archery range was improved, to include new targets, frames, enclosures, signage.
  • The Club purchased a used Kubota B2320 with brushhog, and accessories to assist with grounds maintenance.
  • We sold the Ford tractor.
  • We purchased a new push mower and received a donated snowblower.
  • We rebuilt and repaired the 15 yard pistol and 100yard rifle berms.
  • Painting of outdoor structures was completed.


  • Obtained railroad ties to rebuild the 15-yard and 100-yard berms on the rifle range.
  • Hired a company to do extensive clearing in the Sporting Clays area that had become overgrown. The course walkway on the Skeet Field was dug out and replaced with stone and the edges tapered with grass planted.
  • Obtained road millings and spread stone on the bad areas in the parking lot.
  • Electrical power was added to the Sporting Clays barn and the post by the front gate for a security camera.
  • Purchased new archery targets and stands.
  • Repairs were made to the clubhouse roof.
  • We were able to send one youth, Anna Taylor, to a DEC camp.
  • Purchased a Promatic Singles/Doubles Trap machine for Trap House #1. We then sold our old GMV Superstar trap machine.
  • The NRL22 shooting league was started.
  • The metal roof on the rifle and archery ranges were painted. Painting on the outside wood was started. Bare wood on the skeet field and the archery platform were painted.
  • Several new benches were added to the shotgun shooting areas.


  • Completed the garage expansion project. It has worked out very well. With the concrete floor it has made unloading a delivery of clay targets a much easier process. Even with 6 pallets of clay targets in the garage we have plenty of room for all our power equipment.
  • Purchased archery targets and stands to improve the archery range.
  • Purchased a new snow blower that is much easier to operate and still have the old one.
  • We were able to send one youth, Anna Taylor, to a DEC camp.
  • We awarded a scholarship to Troy Anthony. Troy will be attending Virginia Tech’s Department of Building Construction with a focus on building design that with have the least impact on the natural environment.
  • Although our Gravely zero turn mower has been very dependable, we did have to make significant repairs this year.
  • Completed the enclosure for our Ford tractor.
  • Sent 3 club members to an NRA Range Safety Officer Certification Class held at the club in September.
  • Received an order of clay targets in October that will keep us stocked well into next year.
  • Repairs were made to the clubhouse roof to make it last many more years.


  • We started the year in good financial shape and thanks to a healthy membership and significant income from the shotgun sports we accomplished a great deal this year. Thank you to those members who volunteered their time and talents to help with these accomplishments.
  • Rebuilt the sign in front of the club.
  • Repaired the 50-yard berm (thank you to Randy Shute for bringing over his payloader to move dirt and stone).
  • Painted bare wood and touched up outside wood.
  • Installed flashing on the high skeet house.
  • Put down stone in the 5-Stand Sporting Clay area.
  • Power washed the outside of clubhouse.
  • Completed the landscaping on the 100 yard range pipe project.
  • Thanks to a generous donation from member John Vivenzio, we were able to add many interactive steel targets to our rifle/pistol range.
  • Constructed a steel frame on the 230-yard range to hold more steel targets.
  • Purchased archery target frames.
  • We will have started an expansion of our garage which includes a concrete floor.
  • We also sent Anna Taylor to DEC camp.


  • Donation to the Lowville Fish & Game Club for legal defense.
  • Sent Anna Taylor to DEC camp.
  • Clubhouse improvements: new refrigerator, replaced entrance and kitchen floors.
  • Drainage pipe, filling, grading of ditch in sporting clays area – Grouse field is once again usable.
  • Internet connection and remotely-monitored security camera system.
  • Handicap accessible porta-john.
  • Obtained Officers and Directors insurance.
  • Purchased pallet truck and Ford 841 tractor to greatly reduce labor for range maintenance.
  • Two new Sporting Clays/Five Stand traps.
  • Wireless release system for trap house one.
  • Barrier fences for the skeet field and manual trap.