Range Etiquette

All members, new or experienced, are expected to observe the cardinal rules of gun safety at all times:

  • Treat all guns as if they are loaded.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
  • Do not point a firearm at anything you are unwilling to destroy.
  • Know your target and what’s beyond it.


An unloaded firearm is not an excuse to forego the above rules. Muzzle and trigger finger discipline must be followed at all times. Similarly, do not handle firearms when someone is downrange. A person downrange does not know whether your firearm is unloaded and is under no obligation to assume that it is unloaded. Never point a firearm toward someone, even when it’s unloaded. Always keep them pointed straight up or down range, even when moving between benches or packing/unpacking your firearm.

Actions must be open when moving with a firearm such as when moving to a new bench. Remember to pay attention to safe muzzle direction. Firearms, especially handguns, should be in a case or safely slung on the shoulder when brought to the firing line. Empty chamber flags are encouraged.

Do not turn on the red lights or go downrange before all shooters have put their firearms down with the magazine removed and action open. If you want to go downrange, it is your responsibility to communicate with all shooters. You should speak loud enough to be heard over ear protection, especially since many shooters “double up” with plugs and muffs. If you are coordinating a cease-fire, it is essential that everyone is on the same page.

Never point a firearm toward the road whether you are bringing a firearm to your car, “just testing the sights,” or otherwise. This is irresponsible and may alarm passers by.

Clean up your brass and targets before leaving. Our club is run entirely by members who volunteer their time. Do your part to help keep your club clean.

The above points are in addition to the Baldwinsville Rod and Gun Club rules and by-laws which all members agree to when completing an application. https://bvillerodandgun.com/rules-regulations/

If you are new to firearms and apprehensive about visiting a range, know that no one will care how well you shoot- they will care about how safe you are to be around. Handle your firearm confidently and safely.

If you have any questions, please ask a nearby member or send us an email at bvillerodandgun@gmail.com.